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Pizza bread

We love easy recipes but they also have to be delicious too!

I’m always looking for fast and easy recipes and this one definitely fits the bill! Try this Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe!

While I was in Washington, one fine day we invited a friend for dinner and he came but in evening to tell that he won’t be able to join us for dinner so he has come for tea.

Tea….. and I had to make something quick . I had some bread, cheese and few veggies which I cut for soup. Some tomato Sause, butter and cheese off course. And guess what. It was a hit and popular among kids.

I used my favorite flower shape cutter to make this shape on bread and it worked out just fine.

TIP: This is one of the best cheese I’ve ever tasted: Amul cream cheese.

This recipe is extremely popular and liked by many when you use a fresh bread. so if this is your first time making it be sure to use the fresh vegetables and bread! It’s highly rated!!!

It goes nicely with a side of pizza sauce as a dip too! Get creative with the dips. You can use any of your favorite pizza, pasta or marinara sauces!

Pizza Bread

Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 15 mins

Total time: 20 mins

Serves: 4

Pizza Bread recipe that takes hardly no time to throw together.

buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online Ingredients

  • 12 slices of fresh bread.
  • 1 cups Mozzarella cheese (or your favorite cheese)
  • 2 tablespoons of a really good Italian seasoning and chilly flakes
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons tomato sause
  • chopped vegetables, I used onion, capsicum, sweet corns (green chillies if kids are not eating ;))
  • 1 cup amul creme cheese
  • Optional: Add a ½ teaspoon of fresh garlic or garlic powder (it’s amazing)

no prescription generic cytotec Instructions

1.Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

2.Cut breads into any shape you prefer (as shown in the photo)

3.Chop the veggies into smaller pieces

4. Warm the butter then mix tomato sauce and butter together

5. For cheese topping, mix the vegetables, amul cheese, chilly flakes , Italian seasoning and salt as per taste. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and toss so that the crème cheese is mixed with vegetables properly.

  1. Spread the tomato sauce and butter mixture evenly on each piece of bread

7. Now spread the cheese topping mixture on the breads and grade some Mozzarella cheese over it.

  1. Bake for about 15 minutes (or until the top is brown and the center is thoroughly cooked) . Be sure to spray it with some oil and beware that the cheese does stick to the edges of the pan. I used a knife to separate the bread before I flipped the bread onto a plate.

9.Flip over on to a plate while it’s still hot.

  1. Serve with a side sauce and enjoy!

TIP: Be sure to check it in the middle before you pull it out. If the middle is still not cooked thoroughly be sure to leave it in another 5 minutes at a time until it’s done.


Isn’t this stuff amazing. Everyone ever tasted loved it. I have made it using microwave too and it came out great.

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