Being worked in IT industry for several years I have realized the need to Pause  here and Enjoy.In a fast paced corporate life each day brings newer challenges and stiffer competition. Focusing on ‘break from work’, any form of physical exercise especially yoga makes mind and body healthy.

Yoga has attracted me since my early career days, I have a rich Medical background, did bachelors in Physiotherapy. I did Internship in Fortis, Noida and practiced in several charitable clinics and Studios in my early days.  So, I have always been motivated people to be healthy and Yoga has given me that energy and life to push my limits.

I have achieved Gold Medal for Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy and Provisional course in Yoga from M.D.N.Y (Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga). And have been practicing and promoting Yoga since then, do join me on Yogyatraa; explore your body and let it amaze you in a new way